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Good Dogg Partners with Diggity Dogs Service Dogs and Sponsors Teddy

admin - June 15, 2022 - 0 comments

Good Dogg Partners with Diggity Dogs Service Dogs and Sponsors Teddy

The collaboration is part of Good Dogg Beverage’s Leverage The Beverage™TM Program, ensuring children with rare diseases have access to service dogs.

Good Dogg Beverage Company (Good Dogg) has announced an official partnership with Diggity Dogs Service Dogs (Diggity Dogs), a passionate Greenfield, MA, nonprofit dedicated to raising and training service dogs for disabled children and adults in need. Good Dogg will provide ongoing support to Diggity Dogs through its Leverage the Beverage™ program that donates a portion of every sale of Good Dogg Premium Hard Seltzer to help children with rare diseases receive the support of a service dog of their own.  

One of the first acts of giving in association with the partnership of Diggity Dogs Service Dogs and Good Dogg is the sponsorship of Teddy, a service dog in training to provide medical alert, psychiatric, and mobility services to a child in need. Named after the dog that inspired the ethos of the Good Dogg brand, the company is sponsoring Teddy in hopes that he will provide a child with a rare disease the support and care of a service dog. Good Dogg also aims to raise awareness around the time and cost required to train, match, and support the placement of a service dog. They hope to encourage others to take action in support of this unique opportunity. 

Anyone interested in following Teddy’s journey can join Diggity Dogs and Good Dogg on social media to be a part of “Teddy Tuesdays” for videos of his training progress and a peek behind the curtain on the daily training routine for a high-quality service dog. There will also be discussions with experts on the opportunities and challenges training organizations and clients face during the service dog evolution. 

According to Diggity Dogs, the cost to train a puppy, like Teddy, to become a service dog is between $35,000 and $50,000. Through fundraising and an innovative, cost-saving structure that gives college credit to UMASS Amherst, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and Hampshire College students for training and fostering the dogs, Diggity Dogs provides service dogs for a reduced cost of $20,000. 

“Training organizations, like Diggity Dogs, make it possible for more people to benefit from the assistance of a service dog,” says Tony Venturoso, CEO and Founder of Good Dogg Beverage Company. “The more people positively impacted by service dogs, the more accessible they become to everyone, including children with rare diseases.” 

Good Dogg’s support comes at an especially critical time for Diggity Dogs as it trains its newest litters of puppies while recovering from additional expenses it incurred to operate during the pandemic. “We are already a lean organization. Now resources are tighter than ever,” says Sarah Meikle, CEO of Diggity Dogs. “Support from companies like Good Dogg allows us to continue to train dogs for our ever-growing waitlist of clients that already extends out to 2025.”  

The newly formed partnership brings Good Dogg’s Leverage the Beverage™ program full circle. The program helps with training high-quality service dogs, financial assistance, and supporting educational resources for the families and communities that will be receiving the service dog.


About Good Dogg Beverage Company

Good Dogg Beverage Company is a purpose-driven, premium seltzer brand on a mission to make a difference in the lives of others through their Leverage the Beverage™ program. The company gives a portion of every sale of its hard seltzer and 100% of the profits of its merchandise sales to ensure children with rare diseases have access to service dogs.

Good Dogg Premium Hard Seltzers come in four flavors: Orange Mango, Black Cherry, Cucumber Lime, and Dragonfruit. Good Dogg seltzers have 90 calories, 0 carbs, 0 sugar, and are 4.5% ABV. Visit gooddoggbeverage.com to learn more about how you can join Good Dogg in bringing more heart to hard seltzer.

About Diggity Dogs Service Dogs 

Diggity Dogs Service Dogs, a non-profit organization based in Greenfield, MA, develops dogs’ abilities to sense their guardian’s mental, emotional, neurological, and/or physical needs and respond in ways that enable clients to cope with and overcome challenges that they experience. Diggity Dogs creates cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships with dogs that provide invaluable assistance to disabled individuals. 

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