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Good Dogg Featured on BevNet Elevator Talk

admin - April 28, 2022 - 0 comments

Good Dogg Featured on BevNet Elevator Talk

Nov. 17– Good Dogg Beverage was featured on BevNet’s Elevator Talk, a trade publication show that highlights up-and-coming food and beverage brands. Elevator Talk gives companies the opportunity to showcase their brand and share their story. Each episode spotlights brand leaders and industry experts, providing the opportunity for feedback and growth.

Elevator Talk introduced Good Dogg Beverage to its online audience with host Ray Latif, who is also the Editor/Producer of Taste Radio Podcast. The episode also featured expert feedback from Bonnie Shah, who is VP, Marketing and Innovation at LA Libations. The discussion kicked off with Founder and CEO Tony Venturoso diving into the background of Good Dogg Beverage and how his personal journey led him to this point. 

Years ago I was diagnosed with leukemia, and the year of recovery I spent in the hospital I discovered something that was really significant,” said Venuroso. “I witnessed a lot of service animals that were taken up to children’s rooms. I was amazed at how important these animals were towards these children and how much comfort they provided.”

Venturoso then explained how the purpose-driven company launched with the inspirational story of the Good Dogg mascot, Teddy. With the hard seltzer industry on the rise, Venturoso’s goal was to create a crisp, refreshing hard seltzer with no aftertaste, all while having purpose at the forefront of his mission. 

After having a great intro to the brand, Bonnie gave some great feedback in terms of discussions on driving the purpose driven brand to the next level.  Some of the discussion topics included conveying the purpose well on packaging, developing a community through social media and web presence, and of course discussing her two wonderful pit rescues!

Latif then touched on an important topic, which is how well the brand is being received from the distributor and sales networks.  Venturoso was able to discuss some of the progress and excitement being generated from distributor partners. The conversation ended with kind words from Latif “Love the mission, really love the brand, and I wish you a ton of success.”

Listeners of ElevatorTalk often include retailers, investors, distributors, suppliers, and service providers offering a great opportunity for popularity and growth in the industry. You can view Elevator talk on BevNET, LinkedIn and NOSH pages on Wednesdays at 3 pm ET.


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