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KIF1A Hosts Educational Webinar to Raise Awareness

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January 25th – Kathryn Atchley, President of KIF1A.org hosted a live webinar with Good Dogg Beverage and CDK (Canines for Disables Kids) on the topic of service dogs. CDK Executive Director, Kristin Hartness, presented the hour-long webinar touching on a range of points from what a service dog is to the proper etiquette of service animals.

“Speaking from personal experience, there are so many places I have been and things I have done that I couldn’t have done without the assistance of my service dog,” said Hartness. “Canines for Kids offers services to you and others at no cost because we know it’s too important to worry about whether you can pay for what we can provide for you.”

Good Dogg’s partnership with CDK and KIF1A.org reflects the goal of their mission which is to “Leverage the Beverage” or give back to the local community through providing service dogs. This webinar was an opportunity to educate attendees on the importance of these animals and kids suffering from rare diseases. It was also an opportunity to raise awareness of the difference they can make in the quality of life for children who may otherwise be limited because of the complications of their illnesses.

“Here at Good Dogg we really want to create and foster an environment where our brand means philanthropy first and products second,” said Good Dogg Marketing Director Andrew Parry. “We are truly leveraging our beverage in a big way and that’s giving directly to KIF1A to help facilitate fighting for a cure, and to CDK to help provide dogs for children who deserve a better quality of life.”

 Webinar attendees learned about a variety of service dog topics such as:

  • The benefits of service dogs and educational facts about service animals
  • What KIF1A, CDK, and Goog Dogg do for their communities
  • How service dogs can help your child gain independence
  • How to properly handle you or your child’s service animal
  • Proper service dog etiquette such as play time, petting, and handling
  • Service dog traveling 101 
  • Who can formerly qualify and utilize service dogs

Who is KIF1A.org?

KIF1A.org is a community that is dedicated to helping those affected by KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder. The goal of this community is to help find a treatment for those living with KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder.

What is KIF1A?

KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder (KAND) is a rare progressive genetic disorder that causes several problems, including seizures and movement disorders. To learn more about KIF1A visit their website

Who is CDK?

Canines for Disabled Kids (CDK) assists families with finding the right training program for disabled children. They also assist with educational tools and awareness throughout the community by partnering with like-minded organizations to support those who need access to service dogs. Learn more at their website https://caninesforkids.org/

Leverage the Beverage

Leverage the Beverage™ is Good Dogg’s philanthropic movement to enhance life for kids with rare diseases by helping to pair them with service dogs. Good Dogg donates a portion of beverage profits and one hundred percent of merchandise sales to the Leverage the Beverage™ campaign’s philanthropic partners.

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