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Leverage the Beverage™ is Good Dogg’s philanthropic movement aimed at enhancing life for kids with rare diseases by helping to pair them with service dogs.

Scholarships to Offset Service Dog Costs 

Training, feeding, and providing veterinary care for a service dog can cost a family $50,000 or more over the dog’s lifetime. Leverage the Beverage™ provides funding to alleviate the financial strain a service dog can put on a family.

Giving More Good Doggs a Second Chance

Rescue dogs often come with medical challenges brought about by a life of neglect. Shelters can’t take on the overwhelming financial investment of caring for just one dog at the expense of caring for so many others. So, good dogs are often put down before their time, depriving the world of the love and joy they have yet to give. Leverage the Beverage™ partners with no-kill shelters to give rescue dogs a second chance at the good life they deserve but haven’t experienced yet. We’re just doing our part to be one of the socially responsible businesses in our community.

How it works 

Good Dogg donates a portion of beverage profits and one hundred percent of merchandise sales to the Leverage the Beverage™ campaign’s philanthropic partners.

A Portion of Every Beverage Sale Goes to A Good Cause 

Making Waves Together 

Good Dogg donates a portion of beverage profits and one hundred percent of merchandise sales to the Leverage the Beverage™ campaign’s philanthropic partners.

Good Dogg aims to move the beverage industry forward by partnering for a greater impact. A product of a brand focused on making a tangible difference today, Good Dogg’s Leverage the Beverage™ program draws in like-minded optimists at every layer of the beverage industry. Good Dogg collaborates with distributors and retail partners amplifying our collective impact. Together, we’re showcasing the power of a common focus on creating positivity in the lives of others.

Join Us!

Help us bring joy and relief to the families and pups who need us. Join Good Dogg’s Leverage the Beverage™ team!

How You Can Help:


Get updates and the latest Good Dogg impact stories celebrating the lives we’re impacting and the positivity we’re generating together.

Sport some Good Dogg!

Good Dogg’s fun, stylish merch keeps your fashion game on point while sending one hundred percent of the profit to kids and dogs!

Become a supplier:

Connect with our sales team, or contact your distributor of choice to get Good Dogg Premium Hard Seltzer on your shelves today!

Buy Good Dogg:

We couldn’t be one of the socially responsible businesses without YOU! Check out our website using our Good Dogg location finder page and find out where product is available near you.

We look forward to Leveraging the Beverage and the positivity of the Good Dogg pack to make a tangible difference today!

A happy dog being adopted socially responsible business

Halorescuefl.org: Helping Animals Live and Overcome (H.A.L.O.) provides a no-kill safe haven where extraordinary measures are taken to save homeless pets and protect them from abuse and neglect. H.A.L.O. believes in engaging our community by providing resources, education, and programs to do the same.

K1FIA.org logo socially responsible business

KIF1A.org: is a global community dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder (KAND) and accelerating research to find a cure.

an image of a dog and child playing together. socially repsonsible business K1FIA logo is in the bottom right corner.
socially responsible business a support dog and their female owners, one is a parent and the other is her child.
Canines For Disabled Kids logo

Caninesforkids.org: An organization that helps families find the perfect service dog based on their child’s needs. They provide completely free training for families, schools, and communities to prepare them to use their new service dog and offer scholarships to help families cover expenses of getting their service dog

diggity dogs logo service dogs incorporated

Diggity Dogs Service Dogs is a non-profit organization that provides service dogs, as well as service dog training and support services, in order to assist humans in coping with obstacles by developing dogs’ skills to feel their guardians’ mental, emotional, neurological, and/or physical needs.

an image of the back of a K1FIA service dog's head. socially responsible business

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