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Share a White Paw with Your New Drinking Buddy

admin - April 28, 2022 - 0 comments


It’s no secret that dogs are man’s best friend. But what you may not know is that dogs can also be your best drinking buddy! White Claw Hard Seltzer has recently promoted a non-alcoholic seltzer for dogs, called White Paw. While the hard seltzer brand posted the new line as an April Fool’s Day joke on their Instagram, the idea to support animal lovers who want to spend quality time with their furry friends while they drink was a great one.

White Paw Dog Toys

While White Claw Hard Seltzer may have been fooling us with their April Fool’s Day post, they are serious about animal lovers and hard seltzer fanatics being able to bond with their dogs.

White Paw Plushies have been rated the Dog Toy of 2021. Consider your pets the next time you buy a hard seltzer for yourself. While a hard seltzer may not be the choice of drink for your dog’s drinking bowl, a White Paw or other fun alcohol-themed dog toy can symbolically connect you two on your drinking journey.

Most dogs prefer to be near their best buddies and feel included, and what better way to do so than by giving them a White Paw?

Benefits of Bonding With Your Furry Friend

When it comes to spending time with our pups, we can all agree that there’s nothing better than a big ol’ belly rub and some quality cuddle time. But did you know that there are actually benefits to including your furry friend in your fun time?

For one, it helps to build a stronger relationship between you and your pup. Dogs are social creatures and they require lots of quality time with their humans in order to feel happy and secure.

And what better way to spend time with your pup than by making them your drinking buddy?

One way to do this is by including them in your drinking activities. Whether at home, out with friends or in nature, having your dog by your side can help improve your bond.

Dogs are very intuitive and they can pick up on our moods and emotions. So, if we’re relaxed and happy, they will be too!

Additionally, drinking with your pup can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Just like us, dogs can get anxious or stressed out from time to time. It’s important to  provide them with lots of love and attention to help them feel comfortable and safe.

White Paw and Other Fun Ways to Drink With Your Dog

While handing your dog a can of hard seltzer isn’t exactly the ideal way to  drink together, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy a beverage with your furry friend.

Here are a few toys available on the market:

  • White Paw: White Paw puppy toys come in a 2-pack of Lickin’ Lime and Bark Cherry. They are made of durable plush material with an inner squeaker. This 7 inch dog toy is perfect for dogs of all sizes, shapes, and breeds and is sure to become your pup’s new favorite!
  • Druly Hound Seltzer: Dogs adore the wild crinkle paper used to make this toy. A loud squeaker is also included in each toy. These toys are suitable for dogs of all sizes. Ideal for solo play or fetch games, each toy is about 7 inches long by 3 inches wide.
  • Tipsy Tails: Both pets and pet parents will like this hilarious hard seltzer design. It’s finished off with ultra-stylish silver accents.The crinkle paper texture is entertaining to play with and helps pets stay focused.During long fetch games, it’s simple to pick up and toss.This toy is ideal for dogs that are little to medium in size.

Dogs are not only our best friends, but for many of us, they’re family. So it’s only natural that we want to include them in everything we do—even our happy hour drinks. Dog merchandise are perfect to bond for a stroll in the park, or at the beach while you relax and enjoy a hard seltzer side by side!

Cheers To Our Pups

Are you a dog lover that loves spending time with your furry friend? If so, then you’re going to love Good Dogg Beverage. We are a craft, hard seltzer made with fruit-forward flavors and real ingredients. We are also low calorie, gluten free, and have only zero sugar.

But the best part about Good Dogg is that a portion of proceeds from each purchase goes towards supporting rescue animals and service animals for children with rare diseases. We believe that every dog has a purpose, and we’re working hard to make sure that all dogs have a chance to find it and change somebody’s life for the better! If you’re looking for a delicious and refreshing hard seltzer that you can feel good about drinking, then look no further than Good Dogg. 

Our Partners

Good Dogg Beverage is proud to partner with various organizations who support our mission. Our partners include:

  • KIF1A.org: is a global community dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder (KAND) and accelerating research to find a cure.
  • Caninesforkids.org: An organization that helps families find the perfect service dog based on their child’s needs. They provide completely free training for families, schools, and communities to prepare them to use their new service dog.
  • Halorescuefl.org: Helping Animals Live and Overcome (H.A.L.O.) provides a no-kill safe haven where extraordinary measures are taken to save homeless pets and protect them from abuse and neglect. H.A.L.O. believes in engaging our community by providing resources, education, and programs to do the same.

We’re on a mission to do more for our communities than creating a hard seltzer—we give back, too! We set our company apart from the pack by researching and finding quality organizations that can make a difference in the lives of kids and their best friends—dogs!

Take Away

While White Claw Hard seltzer may have been pranking their audience with their White Paw hard seltzer made just for dogs, you can rest assured there are still other ways to enjoy a crisp and refreshing hard seltzer while enjoying the company of your four-legged friend. 

We’re on a mission to not only create delicious hard seltzers, but to also give back to the community. We partner with organizations that engage our community and provide resources, education, and programs for children with rare diseases.

What makes Good Dogg Beverage unique is not only our delicious hard seltzers, but our quality ingredients and focus on giving back. As a company, we are constantly searching for ways to improve the lives of both humans and pets alike. So whether you’re looking for a refreshing beverage to enjoy with your pup or you’re looking to give back to a great cause, Good Dogg has you covered!

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