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Take Your Dogg to the Mountains

admin - August 27, 2021 - 0 comments

Take Your Dog(g) To The Mountains

For many people, the most anticipated time of year is finally here. With summer winding down and fall just around the corner, we can almost smell the crisp air of the mountains! They’re calling our name. with the impending fall season, that means it’s time for hiking boots, flannel shirts, and Good Dogg Beverage’s hard seltzer drinks. Just like you’d want to bring your best furry friend on an adventure with you, don’t forget your other partner in crime: Good Dogg Beverage! We’ve crafted clean and delicious hard seltzer beverage flavors that can be taken anywhere and enjoyed at any time.

A Hard Seltzer Beverage Drink For All Adventures

Good Dogg Beverage has a drink for any journey that you and your best friend have planned. Each of our hard seltzers is lightly carbonated with just the right flavor to be refreshing, crisp, and delicious! We offer Cucumber Lime, Dragonfruit, Black Cherry, and Orange Mango flavors, so there’s something for everyone! Each flavor brings a unique, tasteful journey that makes it perfect for lounging around in the sun, sand, or sea. Our beverages are all-natural and only contain only 90 calories per can. Not to mention they have no sugar added, which means 0 carbs, too!

Cucumber Lime

We craft our cucumber lime hard seltzer with a natural cucumber flavor that balances out lime’s tart and zesty flavor. This seltzer is perfect for a picnic in the park or after an afternoon on the hiking trails!


Our dragonfruit hard seltzer uses the sweet flavor of this exotic fruit to balance out the carbonation behind it. We use premium ingredients to craft our flavors fruit-forward, and it shows. The result of each of our hard seltzers is absolute refreshment for consumers.

Orange Mango

Our orange mango hard seltzer drinks are made with premium ingredients, giving this seltzer a naturally sweet flavor. The result is an incredibly refreshing seltzer, the perfect drink for having friends over on the porch or after you’ve finished your day of adventure!

Black Cherry

Our black cherry hard seltzer is made using a premium tart cherry flavor that gives this drink its boldness. Grabbing a can of Good Dogg is perfect for cooling down after spending all day hiking or simply enjoying the outdoors. Kick back and relax and let the cool flavor and fall air treat your senses.

Good Dogg Gives Back

Our team at Good Dogg Beverage is proud to donate a portion of every purchase of our hard seltzer to our partners. Giving back is one of our core values and how we “Leverage the Beverage™.” Like a dog, loyalty is woven into the heart of our business as an integral part of our company DNA. We strive to be more than just any hard seltzer company. We want to push the limits of our industry and make a difference in people’s lives. We partner with KIF1A, CDK, and H.A.L.O., to help them achieve their goals while creating something delicious for everyone to enjoy.

We’re incredibly grateful to have the support of our community, especially those who are helping us make an impact. We want to recognize all of you for your hard work in creating a better world. There’s nothing more powerful than giving back! The best way we know how— through Good Dogg Beverage.

Good Dogg Hard Seltzer Drinks

Good Dogg Beverage is an excellent option for those that want to bring something new and exciting into their fall routine. Whether you’re looking to spend more time with your family over a drink or having friends over to play yard games, Good Dogg seltzer is the perfect drink for all occasions! Learn more about our premium beverages by contacting us or sending us an email at info@gooddoggbeverage.com.

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