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It all started with a puppy named Teddy. He wasn’t any ordinary puppy, though. He was a sweet soul that the Gallagher family took a chance on. What made this loveable pup so special was his partial right paw and a nubbed tail due to birth defects. Once the two met, it was pure puppy love. Teddy and the Gallaghers relationship grew into a beautiful, fulfilling relationship between human and good dog(g).


With every can of Good Dogg Hard Seltzer purchased, we will donate a portion of the profits to our charities of choice.
Our goal at Good Dogg Beverage is to create and foster a new kind of business environment. At heart, we are a philanthropic company, and we’re not afraid to break the mold on how beverage companies do business. We believe in purpose-driven companies, so we became one. We invite you to join us by cracking open a can of Good Dogg Premium Hard Seltzer and showing the world how you “Leverage the Beverage™”!

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