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Good Dogg Beverage Scores Big: Lands First Grocery Retail Chain Account in New England with Big Y


Good Dogg Beverage Scores Big: Lands First Grocery Retail Chain Account in New England with Big Y

MELBOURNE, FL – September 21, 2023 –  Good Dogg Beverage Company (Good Dogg) – a purpose-driven beverage trailblazer – is proud to announce a game-changing partnership with Big Y, bringing its lineup of premium hard seltzers to all Massachusetts Big Y locations starting late August 2023. Good Dogg’s renowned premium beverages are expanding their horizons, making their mark in the grocery retail market. This remarkable milestone is a result of their collaboration with Berkshire Brewing Company, igniting increased sales velocity and catapulting brand recognition for Good Dogg.

The distribution celebration will unfold across five prime Big Y locations in Massachusetts, including 348 East Central Street, 700 South Main Street, 237 Mohawk Trail, 160 Reservoir Street, and 2035 Boston Road. This strategic alliance with Big Y, a retail grocery juggernaut rooted in New England, signifies an exhilarating leap forward for this beloved New England brand.

Tony Venturoso, CEO and Founder of Good Dogg Beverage Company exclaims, “We’re elated about our debut in Big Y. Our journey began in the Northeast in 2021, and we’ve been on a meteoric rise ever since. This retail accomplishment represents a thrilling leap toward our ongoing growth.”

While Good Dogg Beverage has already made waves across Massachusetts and much of New England, joining forces with Big Y is a monumental move, amplifying accessibility for brand enthusiasts. With more and more shoppers seeking the convenience of consolidating their grocery and beverage shopping, this partnership ensures they can enjoy an award-winning, purpose-driven beverage brand without an extra stop at the liquor store.

About Good Dogg Beverage Company

Good Dogg Beverage Company stands as an award-winning beacon of purpose-driven excellence, committed to making a profound difference in the lives of others through their Leverage the Beverage™ program. Good Dogg proudly donates a portion of every hard seltzer sale and a staggering 100% of merchandise profits to ensure that families in need have 

unhindered access to the life-changing support of service dogs. It’s more than a mission; it’s an unwavering commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Good Dogg Premium Hard Seltzer, The Official Hard Seltzer of Dog Lovers™, boasts an enticing array of flavors, including Orange Mango, Black Cherry, Cucumber Lime, and Dragonfruit. These seltzers, with a mere 90 calories, 0 carbs, 0 sugar, and a 4.5% ABV, cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. Moreover, they proudly carry the badges of being vegan, gluten-free, and keto-friendly, ensuring inclusivity with every sip.

sit. stay. sip.