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Diggity Dogs

Diggity Dogs Service Dogs Inc. from Greenfield, MA, is a service dog training organization that specializes in training psychiatric, medical alert, and mobility service dogs. They are a group of compassionate driven individuals, who facilitate and encourage trusting relationships between dogs and humans based on understanding, communication, and appreciation.

Good Dogg Beverage and Diggity Dogs have partnered to help fulfill Diggity Dogs’ mission of providing service dog training and support to assist adults and children in coping with obstacles, ranging from mental to physical needs. This partnership is also important in Good Dogg’s efforts to expand its Leverage the Beverage™ program.

Oftentimes in children who have rare diseases, the service dogs need to be highly trained in a wide variety of skills and abilities. These efforts can be very costly to a service dog training organization like Diggity Dogs, and that is where Good Dogg stepped in. We aim to alleviate the financial burden of training the dogs, in an effort to increase the availability of these highly trained service dogs.

Good Dogg is thrilled to be able to sponsor a service dog trainee, aptly naming him Teddy after our inspiration for the brand. This unique partnership will allow Good Dogg to tell the story behind Teddy, and showcase his journey in becoming a service dog for a child with a rare disease.

For those suffering from rare diseases, having a service dog is not only a life-changing experience but can be life-saving. We understand the many challenges that come with having a rare disease, and we’re proud to partner with an organization like Diggity Dogs which provides the best possible service and support for individuals and their families.