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Recipes – Draft

Craving a new spin on your favorite cocktails? Try using Good Dogg Premium Hard Seltzer for the right amount of carbonation packed with flavor in one of our dog-gone delicious recipes!

Each of our premium hard seltzer flavors has been crafted with bursts of light and refreshing flavors you can feel good about drinking with 0g sugar, 0 carbs, and only 90 calories.

Unleash the paw-ty of premium flavors with these exclusive recipes for real Good Dogg fans!
Enjoy responsibly 21+.

Cucumber Lime Dogg Water

The Good Dogg twist on a Ranch Water Cocktail


🐾 2 oz Tequila

🐾 2 oz Lime Juice

🐾 .5 oz Orange Liqueur (Optional)

🐾 Top off with Good Dogg Cucumber Lime Premium Hard Seltzer

How To Make:

Add Ice to your glass

Add Tequila

Add Orange Liqueur (optional)

Add Lime Juice


Top off with Good Dogg Cucumber Lime


Black Cherry

Less Carbonation | Fruit Forward | Premium Ingredients

Sweet and tart, our Black Cherry Hard Seltzer is the cornerstone of our products. We pack Good Dogg premium seltzer with full-bodied flavor that will hit your tastebuds with a nectarous tang that feels like you’ve picked a cherry right off the tree. No Good Dogg lineup would be complete without this leading addition to the pack. Crafted fruit first, we’ve created a flavor that isn’t hidden in the bubbles. We dare you to fetch this supreme flavor within our black cherry hard seltzer.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this staple seltzer drink, brewed, gluten-free ingredients. Our products have 0 carbs, 0 sugar, and are only 90 calories.

Dragonfruit Mojito

Tame the dragon with this mojito made with Good Dogg Dragonfruit


🐾 Good Dogg Dragonfruit Premium Hard Seltzer
🐾 Fresh Dragonfruit
🐾 .5 Oz of Lime Juice
🐾 .5 Oz of Simple Syrup
🐾 1.5 Oz of White Rum

How To Make:

Orange Mango Sparkling Cocktail

Put a little sparkle in your drink with this Good Dogg cocktail recipe


🐾 Good Dogg Orange Mango Premium Hard Seltzer
🐾 .5 Oz of Simple Syrup
🐾 1.5 Oz of Tequila
🐾 1.5 Oz of Mango Puree
🐾 1.5 Oz of Orange Juice
🐾 Jalapeño Slices

How To Make:


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