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Announcing Our Good Dogg Premium Hard Seltzer

admin - February 18, 2021 - 0 comments

Announcing Our Good Dogg Premium Hard Seltzer

Good Dogg Beverage is taking hard seltzer back with four delicious and innovative flavors that help to benefit our best friend, the dog. Our inspiration behind the brand was a puppy named Teddy, a sweet and loveable pup born with only a partial right paw and a nubbed tail due to birth defects. 

Thanks to Teddy, we chose to be a philanthropic company that makes a premium hard seltzer, not the other way around. We believe that giving back to the people (and our furry best friend) is essential. Good Dogg is proud to give a portion of the profits of our hard seltzer to animal shelters and to companies that provide service animals for children with rare diseases. Giving back to those in need is how we “Leverage the Beverage.”

Crafted fruit first, we’ve created a flavor that isn’t hidden in the bubbles. Check out our four flavors that provide the tastebuds with unique flavor profiles like you’ve never experienced before. Even better, our products have 0 carbs, 0 sugars, and are only 90 calories.

Cucumber Lime

Experience the flavor of crisp lime with an unexpected twist of cucumber. Fresh and packed with a citrus kick, taking a sip of our Cucumber Lime flavor will transport you to your favorite spot by the sea.


Invigorate your tastebuds with the well-balanced and smooth flavor of our Dragonfruit hard seltzer. We’ve created this flavor to be an exotic twist on the common fruits you find in other seltzer brand lineups. 

Orange Mango

Our mouth-watering orange and sweet, juicy mango enlist fresh, vibrant energy to transport you from the monotony of everyday life to white-sand beaches. Our Orange Mango flavor has a crisp, citrus flavor paired with a bold and energetic zest that enlightens the taste buds.

Black Cherry

The cornerstone of our products, our Black Cherry flavor boasts a true cherry taste that everyone can enjoy. Every time you drink this flavor, you’ll experience a perfectly tart and crisp sip. This full-bodied flavor will have you happier than a dog with a bone.

Enjoy A Good Dogg Beverage

Are you ready to experience maximum flavor? You’ve come to the right place. Please contact us at info@https://stagging.https://stagging.https://gooddoggbeverage.comdev or via telephone at (833) 437-3597. You can also visit our story to learn more about how Good Dogg Beverage came to be. Follow and interact with us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our brand’s latest news and flavors!

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