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[January 23, 2023]

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A Healthier Way to Enjoy Alcohol with Good Dogg Premium Hard Seltzer

Whether you’re wrapping up Dry January, you’ve vowed to go gluten-free or vegan this year, or you’re just looking to be all-around healthier in 2023, it seems that many of us spend this time of year focusing on our well-being. 

In pursuit of making health a priority, some people may be cutting out their go-to hard seltzers. Many hard seltzer brands are packed with sugar or contain artificial flavors and sweeteners, leaving you feeling bogged down and tired.

But, not every hard seltzer brand. 

A new hard seltzer is changing the game by prioritizing real, premium ingredients. 0 Carbs, 0 Sugar, only 90 calories, oh, and it actually tastes great, too!

 Good Dogg Premium Hard Seltzer is the perfect alternative to your former favorite hard seltzer. 

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 Premium Hard Seltzer With Good Ingredients

Good Dogg Premium Hard Seltzer is brewed with pure water and natural flavors, making it a healthier option than others on the market. Unlike its competitors, some of which are made with artificial sweeteners and added sugar, Good Dogg contains 0 grams of carbs or sugar, and with lower carbonation, it won’t leave you feeling weighed down and bloated.

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Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Keto Friendly

For those that follow a gluten-free, vegan, or keto diet, it may be difficult to find the right drink for you. Once you find a drink that fits into your diet, how often does it actually taste good? Good Dogg Premium Hard Seltzer is the answer you have been waiting for. All of the good, without sacrificing any of the taste. 

 Premium Hard Seltzer With a Refreshing Taste

As you crack open a can of Good Dogg Premium Hard Seltzer, you are immediately immersed in the scent of real fruit. The sense of smell really can make a difference in the taste of the drink! Take a sip of any of our four flavors, Orange Mango, Black Cherry, Cucumber Lime, and Dragonfruit, and experience the clean, crisp, and refreshing flavor that tastes like you picked the fruit right from the tree. 

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Good Dogg's Purpose-Driven Brand

Not only can you drink good and feel good in 2023 with Good Dogg, you can also do good. A portion of sales from every case sold, along with 100% of merchandise sales, is donated to our Leverage The Beverage™ program. Through this program, we work with some amazing organizations to help provide service dogs and support to families of children with rare diseases. 


Your drink of 2023 is here! Grab a case of Good Dogg today!


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